Welcome to yodacam.co.uk

This website is basically a way to see Yoda, My Green Iguana, in his home by looking at the webcams that are in with him.
Any news will be posted below.

Yoda News

22/07/2014 - Yodacam is 10 years old today!
Yodacam is 10 years old today.

26/05/2012 - A bit hot!
The temperature in with Yoda hit an all-time high today. I got home to find him sitting on his bark log looking very happy. His cooling extractor fan was on and the temperature was saying 43.5c. Not seen it that hot ever!

09/05/2012 - Yodas new website is live
Yodas new website is now live! It has taken longer than expected to do, several variables involved with that one sadly.

12/03/2012 - Yoda now has yodacam.com
I have waited a good few years to get yodacam.com, and by some miracle its registration was allowed to lapse, so i snapped it up like a shot.

22/01/2012 - Yoda has a new home
Yoda now has a new home, I have moved him out of the garage and into our conservatory. He is up against the back wall of the house with his sleeping shelf right in front of a window, so we can see him as we go up and down the stairs.
I have also added another webcam in with him, as his home is now larger it means he has more places to go and lay, so one more to keep an eye on him.

01/01/2012 - Yoda gets a new website
I have decided to re write Yodacam as its a bit dated now. A proper design should make it look a lot better and ive updated the version of .Net that it runs on, making some things a lot easier.